Official Statement from LTP on the Lakeway Mayoral Situation

| Lake Travis Progressives

May 1, 2017

An Official Statement from the Lake Travis Progressives on the Lakeway Mayoral Situation

Lakeway, Texas—At the request of our membership, we, The Lake Travis Progressives (LTP) Board of Directors want to express their disappointment with the Mayor of Lakeway, Mr. Joseph Bain, for his recent conduct in social media and we ask him to resign with immediate effect. Mr. Bain created fake social media accounts to make disparaging comments on his political opponents. Mr. Bain has also admitted he probably advocated for the $23 Million Proposition 1 bond ($43.5 million with interest) currently being voted on using this fake account. LTP condemns this inappropriate use of elected office.

The LTP believes this kind of activity undermines trust in our leaders and the democratic process, which is already struggling to adjust to this new digital age. The conduct by Mr. Bain has been disingenuous, and unbecoming of the great city of Lakeway – his behavior should not be seen as an acceptable standard for public office. Elections and voting are the cornerstone of America and our freedom – no-one should interfere in the sacred tradition of fair and open democracy.

We are calling for the appropriate city, and state bodies to open an investigation to discover what ethics or election laws may have been broken, including those under Chapter 255 of the Texas Election Code. We also ask the Lakeway City Council Board of Ethics to investigate if Mr. Bain has contravened Sec. 2.04.002 relating to the code of ethics in the Lakeway municipal code on how elected officials should behave.

We thank Mr. Bain for his many years of service, and we wish him well on his next endeavor, but we expect higher standards from those who serve in office.

Mr. Bain’s behavior touches on a broader perception problem in Lakeway city politics. For too long, the city government has been perceived as making decisions on special projects that were passed quickly with stealth and minimal public involvement. The City government is seen to treat public input as an avoidable nuisance, often disregarding concerns. This social media scandal is seen as an extension of this culture problem.

The LTP have created a public petition calling for an investigation by the appropriate bodies into the Mayor’s behavior here: – we encourage all Lakeway residents to sign.

Founded in 2017, the Lake Travis Progressives are a not for profit group that promotes inclusion, unity, respect, and decency toward all people within the Lake Travis region. LTP seeks to harness the volunteerism of our members and translate these values into community-focused actions that keep Lake Travis a considerate, kind, and gentle place for all - regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality, or immigration status.


The Lake Travis Progressives Board of Directors.

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