About Us

Jess Rains

Jess Rains has over a decade of experience in the non-profit world, serving as Web/Data Administrator for Susan G. Komen Austin and most recently, as Program Director for Colin’s Hope. While the two organizations have vastly different missions, both stress the importance of serving one’s community. Originally from San Antonio, she moved to Austin in 1994 to study biology at UT. She then spent 13 years working for UT, in their natural history collections which further increased her love and appreication of science and nature.

Jess and her husband moved to the Lake Travis area in 2013 and currently live in Apache Shores with their two basenjis. Currently, Jess is self-employed as an Independent Contractor. A less rigid work schedule has allowed for greater involvement in the community. As such, she joined the 2016-2018 Lake Travis Fire Rescue (LTFR) Citizen’s Education Forum. “Graduates” of the Forum serve on the Citizens Advisory Committee with the purpose of educating the community about LTFR’s history, operations, and programs.

A long-time liberal but first time activist, the 2016 presidential election results fired her up. Post-election, she was consumed by the need to do “something”, but wasn’t sure what to do beyond calling her state and local reps. With the Lake Travis Progressives, she feels she has found a group that can bring about meaningful and measurable change.