Mindy Gulati

Mindy is a lifelong progressive Democrat and has been politically active since a young age. After an inquiry from a member of the LT community for a democratic group in our area, Mindy answered the call and started the LT Progressives. She wanted to create a community of Progressives in her area that would affect real change, give people a place to feel included and safe, and run real progressive candidates in our area. She wants the LT Progressives to be a pillar in the community.

Other highlights of her activism include: Vice President of the National Organization for Woman in Utah, an active member of the National Lawyers Guild for over a decade as well as a legal observer at dozens of protests, worked on several key elections as a volunteer in many capacities, worked at Planned Parenthood advising on fundraising and allocation of funds for action, trained in the prestigious Progressive fellowship program, the New Leaders Counsel, and now serves as an advisory board member on the Austin Mayor’s Task Force to combat Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequalities. She has lived in the Lake Travis Area for nearly 5 years.

Mindy Gulati is also the Founder and President of Fundamental Advisory, a consulting firm focused on advising businesses, organizations and educational institutions on issues related to Diversity, Inclusion, and Implicit Bias. The mission of Fundamental Advisory is to change the world through empathy, understanding and the ability to find common ground upon which to move forward. Mindy started her career as a trial lawyer fighting injustice with humanity for indigent defendants, and later ran a successful law firm. Motherhood reignited Mindy’s long-standing passion for using education to identify and reduce bias in the various areas of our lives. As a mother of two amazing multi-ethnic children, she has experienced how bias affects everyone, including our youngest and most impressionable members of society.