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The Lake Travis Progressives are a political organization whose mission is to promote inclusion, unity, respect, and decency toward all people within the Lake Travis region. LTP seeks to harness the volunteerism of their members and translate these values into community-focused actions that keep Lake Travis a considerate, kind, and gentle place for all - regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality, or immigration status.

Lake Travis Progressives was founded in 2016 after a local resident reached out needing support within his community. Mindy Gulati answered that call and started LTP. Within in a month, a working Board was established, and regular meetings were held with great numbers showing up to bring about tolerance unity, peace and kindness to the Lake Travis area.

We fight to elect Democrats who represent our community and who will work to bring about a better life to ALL people living within Texas. We serve as a pillar in our community: supporting individuals who are struggling, establishing an interfaith group to bring together communities of faith, addressing issues in education in LTISD, highlighting political corruption where we it. We create a forum for progressives and Democrats to gather, and to help elect representatives that share our beliefs.

LTP believes that Democrats, and progressives are patriots, defenders of

-          Our nation as a system of laws, and that our nation’s principles are more sacred than political personalities.

-          Freedom of religion

-          Freedom of the press

-          Freedom of association

-          The right to one person, one vote, no matter a person’s economic status

We also believe local government should be free from the demands of national organizations, and that our elections should be decided by American citizens – and that our officials should not work with overseas powers to win elections.

We are a landing pad, a place of support those in our community, who value sanity over ideology, decency and inclusiveness over cruelty.  We ask our members to bring their individual talents to our organization to create real, lasing change in Lake Travis. Together we are building a community of kindness, decency and acceptance for all.